Ain't I A Woman Collective

Centring the Voices of Women with African Ancestry



Nenna Chuku – Events Coordinator

Nenna is a London-born Krio-Igbo researcher and project manager. She has worked in the museum, charity and education sectors developing, delivering and evaluating outreach and widening participation projects. A historian and policy and management postgrad, her interests include learning (curriculum development and pedagogy),intangible cultural heritage, representation and programming in cultural institutions and new media. She is a bibliophile and lifelong learning enthusiast who spends a fair bit of time pondering.

Yovanka Perdigao – Outreach Coordinator

Yovanka was born in Portugal. Hailing from origins in Guinea Bissau and Sao Tome, she has lived between Senegal and Ivory Coast but is currently based in London. Her journey into feminism started with the women in her family, a constant source of inspiration who fought quietly but taught her the greatest gift of all: the capacity to love. She is a writer, visual arts enthusiast and cultural producer. She studied violence, conflict and development, and now works at the Africa Centre.

Lateesha Osbourne – Communications Coordinator

Lateesha was born and raised in London and identifies as British-Jamaican. She feels strongly about considering the feminist voices of Caribbean women and looking for ways to connect the diasporas. Professionally she is currently training as a Diversity and Equality consultant with Challenge Consultancy and is academically interested in Afro-Futurism and the collaboration of race, gender and musical performance.

Ella Achola – Editor

Born and raised in Berlin, Ella identifies as Afro-German as she is busy discovering a history she only recently stumbled upon. She edits for AIAWC and started the Collective as an opportunity to engage with her Afro-German identity and extend the conversation about the black diaspora in Europe beyond the UK.


Yossie Paul – Editor

Yossie is a Nigerian-born writer and educator who is driven by the empowerment of women and girls of African descent. Through writing, she hopes to make people feel less alone in the world, to know that their stories matter.


Prisca Vungbo – Events Coordinator

Prisca was born in Grenoble, France and was raised in a Congolese household. Her love for health, fitness and successful business women encouraged her to join AIAWC, which she hopes to use as a platform to help encourage other women to do so too. Prisca uses events as a medium to conceptualize her ideas in a progressive form.


Image: Amaal Said