Ain't I A Woman Collective

Centring the Voices of Women with African Ancestry


We are women with African ancestry. Neither characteristic precedes the other and we will not dissect our multiple identities.
We are self-identifying women and therefore trans-inclusive. We welcome women from all walks of life.
We reject the stereotyping of women with African ancestry. There is no right way to be black and woman.
We constantly work towards carving out space for the voices, writing and well-being of women with African ancestry in a white supremacist patriarchy.
We work towards creating a safe space for women with African ancestry to share our stories.
We recognise that the term ‘sisterhood’ does not have equal meaning in all contexts. Nonetheless, we work towards reclaiming a sisterhood that accepts and stands with all sisters.
We reserve the right to self-preservation and may choose to not engage with incidents including sexism, racism, misogynoir and transmisogyny for the sake of our own well-being.
We create our work as women with African ancestry. Nonetheless, it is to be read, viewed and experienced by everybody.