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Poetry: Woman/ Ain’t I

By Siana Bangura; commissioned for the Ain’t I A Woman Collective launch   I am woman Ain’t I? A black woman And you will hear my cry Today is the day you will see me Larger than life Bigger than I have ever been before My voice is loud My eyes are wide And I am fearful no more I bit off my shackles and my chains with my bare teeth And then

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Poetry: girl child

By Angel C. Dye   what if i hadn’t been born a girl child? all round-faced and brown-eyed, soft-skinned and hair-bowed what if i could have bypassed the divide between wearing skirts and chasing them, placing too much value on my looks and giving girls complexes about theirs what would it have been like getting a pat on the back just for being born with an anatomical advantage? carrying nations

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