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1st Black Girl Sunday – I Am Your Sister: Black Women Organising Across Identities

We are delighted to announce the inaugural Black Girl Sunday social. Our theme for October is IDENTITY, which is particularly relevant as it is Black History Month in the UK. Join us at Common House on Sunday 11th October 2015 for I Am Your Sister: Black Women Organising Across Identities. Inspired by the renowned Black lesbian feminist poet, Audre Lorde, we would love to host a group of Black women in the UK to discuss our various identities and the roles they play

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Visual: How to Unlearn History

From awkward school encounters to offensive questions, our founder and editor Ella Achola often finds herself at the intersections of identity, and shared her big idea for bringing ourselves into the stories we tell at the last TEDxCoventGardenWomen conference at the Museum of London on 30 May 2015.   About the speaker: Born in Berlin, Ella identifies as Afro-German, discovering a history she only recently stumbled upon. She writes and

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Interview with Feminista Jones: Part 1

In part one this interview our events coordinator Prisca Vungbo speaks with black feminist Feminista Jones about her activism, harassment and diaspora feminisms. “Just email her!” The women of AIAWC drummed into my ears as I nervously hovered over the send button, reminding myself that my introversion would need to be put aside for this kind of task. “Sent.” There was no turning back now… [I google ‘how to evolve into an ambivert]. The response

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Opinion: “We Are Better, Together”: The Importance of Black Sisterhood

By Lydia Naomi Rose   Recently, I had a conversation with a young black man of 19 years old. I have known him since he was a child and after years of not seeing him, it was great to see how much he had grown up. We discussed a wide array of issues including alternative education for young Black British students and his future career endeavours. Eventually, the conversation took a

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Opinion: Define Me: From One Woman of Colour to Another

By Nadine Robinson   Dear Woman of Colour, Today I write to you! I choose to take this moment to address you and illustrate the importance of you living as yourself – for who you are and not what you parents,  peers or society dictate to you. Your subtle changes in hue does not imply your status in life. It does not stress your level of value within this world

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Opinion: Playing Our Part: On Audre Lorde and the Trouble with Silence

By Yossie Paul   In recent times, I have come to learn that my writing is informed by two aspects of my life: my womanhood and my Blackness (African-ness, if you will). These things inform both my writing and my reading. I only began to understand this in the year gone by: my literary records were rather colourful and womanly – authentically womanly. I discovered new things about myself and

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