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Visual: How to Unlearn History

From awkward school encounters to offensive questions, our founder and editor Ella Achola often finds herself at the intersections of identity, and shared her big idea for bringing ourselves into the stories we tell at the last TEDxCoventGardenWomen conference at the Museum of London on 30 May 2015.   About the speaker: Born in Berlin, Ella identifies as Afro-German, discovering a history she only recently stumbled upon. She writes and

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Interview with Jacq Applebee

Our editor Ella Achola speaks with writer Jacq Applebee about erotic fiction, (bi)sexuality and womanism.   Ella: Who is Jacq Applebee? Jacq: I’m a black, bisexual and polyamorous person. I describe myself as mostly female now but I’ve questioned gender even though I’m fine with pronouns such as she and her, and I’m okay with being described as a woman most of the time. I’m a writer of erotic fiction

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